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The London Mister Series

Have you met the grumpy London misters?

Danny Walker, my big brother’s arrogant, powerful, handsome, and completely unobtainable best friend.

He’s a millionaire tech tycoon, and I take calls from angry clients who can’t reset their passwords.

He lives in a Grade II listed mansion with holiday homes worldwide, and I rent a room in a flat-share with my best friend and mice.

Our worlds couldn’t be further apart.

Falling for him is not an option.

Eight years ago, I made the mistake of flirting with him only to be rejected…hard.

To this day, he won’t acknowledge me as anything more than his best friend’s silly little sister. Which is fine because I can’t stand to be around that emotionless CEO.

Regardless of him being the hottest man I’ve ever met.

Now I find out he’s bought the company I work for, making him my boss’s boss’s boss.

And he wants to get rid of me.

Danny Walker is not a man to be messed with.

But perhaps there’s more behind his cold, detached stares than I thought.

Stone-faced ruthless CEOs don’t fall for scatty girls like me. Or do they?


He was the sexy, gorgeous-as-hell older stranger with piercing blue eyes fixated on me. Annoyed.

The perfect candidate for a holiday fling.
You’re hired.

It was my final summer of fun before I moved to London to start my trainee contract at Madison Legal, London's most elite law firm.

Three of the steamiest nights of my life … until it ended in heartbreak.

A few months later, you can imagine my shock when the CEO welcomes the new trainees.

It's not until he’s halfway up the room that my blood runs cold. The jeans and T-shirt have been replaced by an expensive tailored suit — but I know exactly what’s underneath it.

Maybe he doesn't remember me. He's probably had a million flings since then …
But when those intense eyes collide with mine, my heart stops.

He recognizes me all right.


This arrogant playboy treats London like it’s his Monopoly board. But I’m not going to play by his rules…

Billionaire property tycoon Jack Knight is propping up the UK rich list and keeping the national tabloids ablaze with his scandalous love life. And making my life hell.

To him, I’m just another architect in a small design firm bidding for his latest prestigious project.
To me, he’s a ruthless businessman who plays people like pawns. I should know.

I’d rather work for Satan on designing Hell than have to answer to him.

But sometimes dream jobs come with insufferable bosses.

I hate that I have to see his signature cocky grin every day.
I hate that when Jack Knight says jump, we grab our long poles.
I especially hate the undeniable explosive heat growing between us.

To survive this close proximity, I must remember my end goal: bricks, not dicks.

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Untitled design (2).png

Billionaires In Charge Series


This gorgeous grump is now my boss…and my new ‘housemate.’

I need a visa – like, yesterday. I’m not ready to leave the bright lights of New York for my seaside hometown in Ireland.

So, when the opportunity arises to become a live-in nanny maid for a billionaire single dad, I jump at the chance. How hard can it be, right?

Harder than I thought.

The first time I meet Killian Quinn, I get kicked out of his fancy hotel.

The second time we cross paths, the guy looks ready to slam the door in my face.

Yet, by some miracle (call it the luck of the Irish), he agrees to give me a chance. He’s desperate too.

But when Killian makes it clear that I’m the worst nanny maid in all of Manhattan, I’m one wrong move away from being deported.

So why is it when his eyes flash with anger, it feels like there’s something hotter than his temper under there?

And more importantly — can I take the heat?

Fifth Avenue Fling is a standalone romantic comedy with heat, banter, and a happy ending.

Connor Quinn and JP Wolfe's stories are coming soon...


Hi! I'm Rosa, a contemporary romance author based in the UK. I create stories that feature strong, sassy heroines paired with alpha heroes, with a mixture of steamy and humorous moments. I truly believe that romance should be a fusion of love and laughter.

My characters aren't just cookie-cutter perfect people. They have genuine flaws and insecurities, which makes them more human and relatable. After all, it's the imperfections that make us interesting and endearing.

I love incorporating certain tropes into my writing, such as billionaire alphas, age gap romances, workplace relationships, enemies-to-lovers, and grumpy sunshine characters.

Here you can find information about my books and upcoming releases.

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